Telephone: 0161 330 1100


This is a key role in assisting our patients to get to appointments and join in activities at the Hospice. We rely on volunteer drivers to collect/drop off the patients safely and in a friendly, and courteous manner. You would be part of the Day Services team based at the Hospice.

Volunteer Drivers
  • Assist by regularly bringing in patients to the day hospice and taking them home
  • Volunteer Drivers use their own vehicles in the morning and afternoon to transport patients who would otherwise find it difficult to access the Day Hospice
  • Drivers must have valid motor insurance
  • Drivers must have a valid UK driving license
  • Be fully aware and alert to road conditions and hazards whilst driving
  • Be reliable, punctual, supportive and show empathy as required
  • Friendly manner, willing to interact with the day patients
  • Report any changes or concerns in the patient during the journey to the Hospice Nursing Team on arrival
  • Mini bus drivers assist regularly bringing patients to day hospice and take them home

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