Corporate Volunteering

Corporate Volunteering obviously benefits Willow Wood. But it also benefits your staff, giving them the opportunity to connect with their local community, to build team dynamics and staff morale, and to make a positive difference to the lives of our patients and their families.


Increases employee motivation
Positive impact to local community
Enhances employee skills and self-confidence
Improves team building and communication
Supports and delivers CSR objectives
And of course, corporate volunteering can help to raise your company profile by being associated with a much-loved local charity.

Although the pandemic impacted our corporate volunteering programme we are pleased to say that we are now able to offer work in our gardens for groups of up to 20 and groups of up to 5 or 15 to support our work in our shops and our distribution centre respectively. There are also occasional opportunities within our fundraising department.
Having a team of enthusiastic corporate volunteers in these areas helps us immensely. They can do in one day what our volunteers would take weeks to achieve.
And they can easily see that they have made a real difference to us, to our patients and to their families.

For more information please download our 'Corporate Volunteering with Willow Wood' leaflet, or click on the adjacent illustration to read it now.

If your company is interested in corporate volunteering please contact our Volunteer Services Manager Lisa Pye on

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