Gifts in Wills


Did you know that the care of one in five of our patients and their families is made possible thanks to Gifts in Wills? That's an amazing statistic, and one we give thanks for every day.

It's so easy to make a will, and by leaving even 1% to Willow Wood you are looking after your loved ones first. Your family and friends will receive 99% of your estate and you can ensure that special mementoes are given to those who will appreciate them the most.
Your Gift to us however will mean that we are able to care for local people when they need our love, care and support. That's people like Betty and Mike, seen here with their beloved dogs.


Following our care of Mike, who was with us for two weeks, Betty said "I can’t thank them enough for the way they treated us all – we were even able to bring our dogs to the Hospice so that he could have a cuddle with them on the bed! You couldn’t do that in a hospital, and it meant such a lot that he was able to say goodbye to them."
It's that personal care we excel at, all our patients are individuals and our care is personalised too. Your gifts are a truly wonderful way to help us care for our future, and to ensure we can care for more people like Betty and Mike.


We work hard to care for our families but how can we care when we are no longer with them?

One answer of course is to make a Will and if, like so many, you have been putting this off, take advantage of the Willow Wood Wills Month, when a number of local solicitors will not be charging a fee for a simple Will, asking instead for a donation to Willow Wood.
The next Wills Month is in November, giving plenty of time to take assess your possessions and decide how they should be shared with loved ones. You may have a house or flat, a car, shares or investments, savings plus, of course, your personal possessions. All of these are known as your estate.
By making a Will you are ensuring that when you die your estate is shared according to your wishes as otherwise it will be divided according to pre-set rules. Your partner, children, step-children or grandchildren may not automatically inherit. Making a Will also means that there is no extra stress and worry for your loved at such a difficult and emotional time.

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