We provide physiotherapy for patients in all areas of the Hospice, and aim to help manage symptoms, maintain independence and improve quality of life.

Each patient is assessed individually, and a plan of treatment is agreed upon. This may include exercises to improve mobility, or chest physiotherapy to manage symptoms, such as breathlessness. Fatigue is a common problem encountered by patients either during or after treatment, and we can advise on best ways to cope with this.

At Willow Wood, we also work closely with other members of the team to alleviate pain. This can involve gentle exercise, or movements of the joints, use of heat or cold therapy, TENS machines or if appropriate, Hydrotherapy.

Patients who do not need to come to Inpatients or Day Hospice can be treated as outpatients for ongoing management of their condition, or for problems such as scarring which restricts movement after major surgery, or radiotherapy.

For more information please download our information leaflet here.


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