Latest Wear a Woollie for Willow Wood!

Dress up in your best Christmas style and raise funds for us

Have you got your Christmas jumper out of storage yet? Willow Wood would love you to wear your favourite festive outfit and make a small donation to the Hospice.It’s an easy and fun way to raise funds, and something that everyone can get involved with.

Anthony Lord, head of income generation said “Ask your family, your friends, your workmates, colleagues and even your pets to dress up in style on Friday 13 December and please let us see your photos, like this one of some of our elves working at Willow Wood last year.Upload them onto social media and tag us in, and let’s try to get the whole of Tameside and Glossop involved – it’s amazing how quickly just a pound or two from everyone can add up.And you can make your donations easily by going to’s a donate button on every page.”

Resolve to help Willow Wood

After the excesses of Christmas many of us take stock, looking back at what’s gone and making plans for the coming months, including New Year’s Resolutions.

Although they’re made with the best intention they quite often fall by the wayside, so why not pledge to help Willow Wood with your resolutions – it might help you to stick to them.As Anthony said: “Willpower, or the lack of it, can mean that we don’t meet our goals.So, if you want to slim down a bit, how about pledging to donate £1 for every pound that you lose.Stopping smoking is a great way to improve your health, and if that’s one of your resolutions, please think about donating the money saved during January to Willow Wood. We would make very good use of it!

“If you want to get a little fitter, why not sign up for a sponsored run, cycle or swim and pledge to raise sponsorship for us.

“It’s not just about donations either, a large number of people decide to improve their social life and a great way to do that is by volunteering.Again, you’re helping the Hospice, this time in a very practical way, and you’ll meet so many like-minded people who will soon become friends.There are many volunteering opportunities from working in our kitchens, to serving in a shop or even becoming a ward assistant.Check out our volunteering page on the website.

“But whatever your resolution, you will know that you’re making a real contribution to Willow Wood, and to the lives of our patients and their families.It’s a great feeling.”

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