Latest Twentieth Anniversary Challenge

Could you take two £20 notes and use it raise as much as possible for Willow Wood?

Last year, Willow Wood ran a very successful challenge where we asked local businesses to compete against each other to see who could be the most successful fundraiser. In this, our twentieth anniversary year, we’re opening up the challenge to everyone in our community and expect to get many different teams and individuals joining our 20/20 Challenge.

We’ll be handing out two £20 notes on Friday 1 February, and we’re asking you to use your imagination and invest this to raise as much as you can for the Hospice over the next three months.You could organise an afternoon tea at your church or social group; reinvest the profits and hold a family fun day.

Or how about sponsoring your boss to sit in a bath of baked beans – that could be a very popular fundraiser!

Office Olympics, chest waxing, sponsored bike ride, car wash, quizzes, concerts, there are no end of ideas, and we’re really looking forward to seeing what you can come up with.Willow Wood can help by publicising your event on social media, and we’ll be able to provide sponsor forms, posters or raffle tickets should you need them. There’ll also be a league table on our website, so you can keep up-to-date with what the competition is doing.

Last year’s winner of the business challenge was Kathryn Orange of the TFL Group, who raised £1,000. She was very proud to receive her trophy from Elaine McConnell, the event organiser, who said, “Our sincere thanks to Kathryn, and to all the other companies who accepted the challenge in 2018. They not only had fun, but found that taking part was great for staff morale. Knowing that they were raising money for a local charity really motivated them to work together and all the businesses are very interested in taking part again – proof of how valuable they found the experience.’

It’s easy to sign up. Just go to the 20/20 Challenge page and you can register online. Of course, you can join in with the 20/20 Challenge at any time before the end of April, but the sooner you start, the more funds you can raise.

As Elaine said; “If you have any queries at all, I’m always available for advice or help. Just contact me on 0161 330 7788 or I’m really looking forward to the start, there must be so many talented business brains in our community who will relish this fundraising challenge.”

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