Latest Santa returns to Willow Wood

Rotary donate foreign currency given to their Santa sleigh!

Visitors to Willow Wood were surprised earlier this week when Santa popped round to make a late Christmas delivery.

During their annual Christmas collection, Tameside Rotary were given some foreign coins along with £5,500 in donations, which have been earmarked for local good causes. Members of Rotary decided to add their leftover holiday money to the pot and pass this across to Willow Wood.As Santa himself said, “Willow Wood do such a great job helping people I’m very pleased to make this special trip!”

Anthony Lord, head of income generation was very pleased to receive the donation from Santa and John Moon from the Rotary Club and said, “Most people have some leftover holiday currency taking up space in drawers or an old wallet.Why not follow Rotary’s example and drop this off at Willow Wood.We’d be very grateful to receive it, and it will go towards the £6,800 we need every day to care for our patients.”

If you’re involved with a local charity or organisation and would like to apply to Tameside Rotary for funding please go to their website, but applications for this year do need to be in before 15 March.And if you’d like to find out more about Willow Wood go to

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