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Willow Wood is part of a national consultation to improve end of life care

With an ageing population, planning for future care becomes ever more important, and Willow Wood is working with NHS England to find the best way to help people consider potential care needs.

Willow Wood is very proud to be one of only six hospices invited to be part of this consultation, and does already work with its own patients to develop their individual care plan taking account of their needs, whether these be physical, mental or spiritual.This document is held by the patient and can be amended at any time as their situation changes.It has been found to be very useful as the patient’s wishes are clearly set out, and are there to be shared with carers, doctors, nurses or any other member of the clinical team.

Willow Wood therefore considers the patient’s wishes and tailors their care accordingly.It is this type of personalised care plan which NHS England would like to develop, to ensure that everyone nearing the end of their life receives not only the best care possible, but that if they are no longer able to speak for themselves, their choices are known and can be respected.

Nicky Byrne, day services lead, said: “Talking to our patients and finding out what they would like to happen as their condition develops, has always been of prime importance to us.Our patient centred approach works very well, and we’re very excited at being able to share our insights.We’re constantly looking to extend and develop our care, and to be able to work with the other organisations involved in this exercise is a great opportunity to pool our knowledge and learn from each other. And most importantly, it will help everyone in the community, whether a hospice patient or not, access the compassionate, personalised care that we all deserve.”

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