Latest Lovely donation from Mia, 7 years old

Chair of the Willow Wood board of Trustees, Philip Millson (on left in photo) and Vice-Chair Mark Llewellin were very pleased to meet young Mia at our recent NGS Garden Open Day.

Mia presented them with a handwritten card and a beautiful butterfly wind chime that she had made. Here, in her own words, is Mia's story:

"Thank you for looking after my Grandad in 2018 and my Grandad was very happy that the nurses and doctors was helping him. I made this butterfly Wind Chime and please can you give it to someone that is poorly to cheer them up".

We certainly will Mia, thank you so very much.

Mia also gave us a lovely photo of her grandad and herself, and had this to say about the card:

"And on this card is a picture of a kitten on it and it looks like my Auntie's kitten and she's called Willow and she's named after the Hospice".

It was a pleasure to meet Mia and have a chat in our beautiful gardens, and we really are grateful to her for her lovely words and gift. Thank you Mia.

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