Latest Lord Lieutenant to visit Willow Wood

The Lord Lieutenant of Greater Manchester, Diane Hawkins DL JP, will be visiting the Greater Manchester Willow Wood Hospice on Friday 7 October at 2.30pm. This visit, timed to fall just prior to the start of the national Hospice Care Week has two objectives. The first is to promote Hospice care generally and showcase the work that Willow Wood does both in-house and out in the community, and also to lay a Memory Stone in remembrance of the late Queen Elizabeth II.

It will be quite a poignant moment for the Lord Lieutenant; appointed as the representative of the Queen in July this year, Mrs Hawkins attended her funeral on Monday 19 September. Mark Llewellin, vice-chair of the Willow Wood Board of Trustees said, “We were all extremely saddened by the passing of our monarch, and it seemed fitting to mark this occasion by the Lord Lieutenant placing an engraved memento in our Memory Fountain.

“Our gardens are a haven of peace and tranquillity and many of our supporters will be touched to see Her Majesty’s name amongst their loved ones.”

Willow Wood cares for those in Tameside and Glossop with a life-limiting diagnosis. This care extends to the families as well as the patient, and the Hospice can help from diagnosis onward with their innovative START Clinic. Day patients can access a range of treatments, therapies, support groups, counselling and more. “Once a patient has received a diagnosis, they can access our Day Services without the need of a medical referral – just ring and arrange an assessment.” said Mark. “Our holistic approach and individual treatment plan mean we can design our care to help everyone reach their own personal goals.

“And the care on our In-patient Unit is second to none. With a high ratio of staff to patient, our specialised palliative and end-of-life care ensures dignity, respect and loving care, giving families the chance to spend that precious time together.”

The Lord Lieutenant will be accompanied by the Vice Lord Lieutenant, Sharman Birtles JP DL who is also a patron of Willow Wood Hospice.

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