Latest Hydrotherapy

There are only a very few adult hospices in the country with a hydrotherapy pool, and Willow Wood is extremely proud to be one of them.

Having this on-site resource enables us to offer an additional service to our patients, which can be very useful in their treatment plans.

The pool temperature is maintained at a constant 35oC and a pleasant surrounding air temperature provides a lovely, warm, relaxing environment. Hoists and steps mean that the pool is accessible to all of our patients who can benefit from such treatments. Brid Hindley, one of our physiotherapists says “Hydrotherapy can be of huge value, and don’t worry if you’re not particularly confident in water. It’s less than a metre and a half deep and there’s always someone in the pool with you!”

The benefits include the reduction of muscle tension and pain relief, leading to relaxation and a reduction in stress. Gentle exercises become much easier when the body is supported, particularly where there is altered muscle tone, pain or difficulty in moving. The warmth of the water increases the blood flow, which in turn helps to rehabilitate damaged muscles or joints. As physiotherapist Chris Wells says “When your limbs are supported in water you begin to feel weightless. This can really help patients follow a series of planned exercises, specifically tailored to their needs”.

Hydrotherapy is just one of the physiotherapy treatments offered by the Willow Wood START Clinic.If you, or a member of your family has a life-limiting illness and could benefit from attending please ring 0161 330 1100 and ask for Day Services.

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