Latest Eight year old Isobelle stays silent for 12 hours!

A lovely fundraiser from a lovely girl!

Mum Tracey Brierley was amazed when her chatty 8 year old daughter wanted to do a sponsored silence for Willow Wood. She didn’t think Isobelle would last for 30 minutes, but the lively little girl managed 12 hours and 15 minutes without speaking – all through a school day as well!

Isobelle raised the tremendous sum of £310.65, and was delighted to bring this to Willow Wood where she was presented with an ambassador badge, wristbands and a framed certificate.Mum Tracey said “It was her own idea to do this.Her grandad was cared for at the Hospice, and she really wanted to do something to raise funds.She’s such a bright spark though, we never thought she’d last a full day without talking!

“Isobelle’s so thrilled to have received the certificate and large cheque showing the amount she raised – she’ll be taking them to the Oasis Academy on Monday morning to show all her friends and teachers.”

Lynn Fothergill, Willow Wood’s Communications & PR Officer said: “We can’t thank Isobelle enough, it was a great idea to raise funds for us this way and what an incredible amount she raised!I’d like to thank her on behalf of everyone at Willow Wood, she really is a superstar supporter.”

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