Latest Butterfly Memory & Summer Fete

Staff and volunteers at Willow Wood are delighted to invite supporters back to their beautiful gardens on Saturday 9 July for the Butterfly Memory Release, a touching way to remember loved ones.

Event organiser Laura Marinelli said, “We are thrilled that we’re able to welcome everyone back to remember their loved ones this special way. Every life remembered is represented by a delicate Painted Lady, which will take flight from your hands into our wildlife friendly gardens.

“It is a wonderful spectacle as they open their wings and lift into the air before coming to rest on the flowers, many of which have been planted to provide food for the butterflies. It’s quite poignant in later months to see butterflies flitting in the gardens, and to wonder if they are descended from one you may have released in memory of a special person.

“If you’ve not heard of this before, you may wonder why the Hospice has chosen butterflies for this memorial event. It’s because, in folklore and myths throughout the world, butterflies are seen as a symbol for the soul. Indeed, the ancient Greek word for butterfly was the same as their word for the soul. And it’s not just in European myths; in Russian, Japanese, South American, Indian and Samoan tales butterflies are revered in the same way. So, it just seemed an appropriate and magical way to remember those who meant the world to you.”

The butterflies are released following a short blessing by Hospice chaplain Eddy Inglis, and it truly is a wonderful spectacle and a joyous way to commemorate loved ones.

The day also sees the Willow Wood Summer Fete. Lisa Buckley, newly appointed community and events fundraiser said, “I’m really looking forward to this and to the Summer Fete which runs alongside it. Although I’ve only been here a few weeks, I’ve really hit the ground running and I’m very busy organising stalls, entertainment and refreshments for the day.

“If you’re attending the Butterfly Release, you’ll be able to spend some time to reflect over a cream tea, light lunch or even a glass of Pimms’s! And if you want to shop, there’s a fantastic range of stalls with handcrafted items, accessories, wax melts and much more. It really is a lovely way to spend a Summer Saturday.”

To find out more about the Summer Fete and Butterfly Memory Release or to dedicate your butterflies online please click here. Alternatively, you can pick up a dedication from the Willow Wood reception or any of its eight shops.

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