Latest Butterfly Memory Release

One of Willow Wood’s most popular events over the past few years has been the Butterfly Memory Release when hundreds of beautiful Painted Lady butterflies are released into the Hospice gardens, each one in memory of someone special.

Because it is such a wonderful occasion and means so much to many local people, Willow Wood has pledged that it will take place on Saturday 11 July as planned. If the current restrictions are still in place the butterflies will be released in one mass group by a member of the Hospice staff. This will create a breath-taking spectacle and as it will be broadcast live on Facebook page people can still feel they are part of the day. A video will also be taken to enable the ceremony to be viewed at leisure on the Willow Wood website.

Everything else about the release will stay the same. One of our chaplains will bless the butterflies prior to their release and certificates will be emailed or posted as a memento of the day. As chaplain Eddie Inglis said; ‘The Butterfly Release is a very special way to remember loved ones and every year, when I look round at the faces of those gathered in our gardens, I can see the happiness that it brings. Everyone there, whether a child or one of our more mature supporters has a look of sheer joy when the butterflies emerge and I am so very glad that we are able to offer this memorial once again.’

As the number of Painted Ladies is necessarily limited, Willow Wood has contacted those who have taken part in previous years to give them the early opportunity to repeat their dedications, however the online dedication form is now live on

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